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We have the solution if you are in IT Support or a helpdesk person.

Our training classes give you the knowledge and tools to rise to the top of your group--to be the person who management knows will fix the problem!

Our engineers have been trained on core tools for solving windows problems such as perfmon, windbg, wireshark, spy++, depends, process explorer, process monitor, adplus, and many more!

These same courses that our engineers went through are available to you--either as download, manual, or in person training.  Don't let others pass you by without giving yourself the chance to become an IT warrior--able to handle the toughest problems that bring businesses to their knees!  Check out our courses here.

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The Seven Secrets of Support

You might be a genius, but if you don't present yourself well and talk on a level in which your customer can understand you--you will fail. 

If you went to a doctor who acted nervous or had a sloppy non-professional appearance, you would...find a new doctor. The same is true for IT.  Customers want confident professionals to work their issues.  In this video, Erick Harlow walks you through the Seven Secrets of Support.  Guess what, most are non-technical! 

Join Erick as he shows you they key secrets of being a successful support engineer.


Control System Support

We have detailed knowledge of Rockwell, Siemens, FactoryLink, and Wonderware control systems.  We understand the architecture and have worked extensively on their products.

Cars on a highwayWe have working relationships with most control system vendors.  We know the support staff, we know the developers, and we know the products.  

You can benefit from our relationship with these vendors because they know us and our debug techniques.  We have been called by them to fix problems in their software.

What do we do differently than your support staff?  We not only look at the vendors log files, we create a datamap of their system and plot the operating system, database, and network data against it.  This is crucial to solve difficult problems such as poor performance, stuck applications, memory leaks, etc.

Skills Assessment Analysis--Don't Hire a Lemon

When you hire someone new or want to evaluate a current employee for a raise--how do you assess their skill level?

A car won't sue you if you return it to the dealer.  Hiring and firing people in today's job market is a difficult business--especially when it comes to the persons work performance.  Don't Hire a LemonResumes alone do not adequately show the talents of an individual.  When you use other job sites and perform keyword searches, you might have to go through hundreds of resumes in order to get one with the skill level that you want. 

With our custom skill matching, we allow potential job seekers to showcase their skills and talents by completing our skills assessment tests.  They only take the categories that they want and you can filter resumes based on their skill levels.

Example, you might pick all resumes that have C# rated as an advanced skill and a minimum of beginner for Oracle.  Our skills assessments do the filtering for you!

This lets you focus on more important matters such as how the person will fit into your company or their customer service skills.

 System Analysis


Remove Bottlenecks

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